Luderitz to Walvis Bay Dune Adventure

We have put together a Lüderitz to Walvis Bay dune adventure with a “twist”, something different from the everyday tour.

Our adventure starts in Aus where you will meet your guide for the first night. We stay at  Aus Haven Accommodation, it is directly opposite the filling station. We will discuss the next few days and help everyone prepare for the adventure.

                                                  Dikke Willem

NOTE: We will make the reservation on behalf of you. This evenings accommodation, dinner and breakfast the next morning is not included in your tour package and you will have to settle your bill before departure.

Day 01:

Today, after just a few kilometers we turn on the gravel road and enter the Namib Naukloof National Park. The Park is an ecologically protected area and was proclaimed in August 1979. The Park has an area of 49,800 km² and at the time of proclamation it was the largest protected area in Namibia.

                                             Bushmen Candle

The Park is situated at the Atlantic coast and borders the Dorob Park to the north, the Restricted Diamond Area in to the south and it shares the border with the private Namib Rand Nature Reserve to the east. In the north east the Naukluft Mountains form part of the Park as well.

We enter close to the Wild Horses of Namibia working our way across the plains where you will see the "Dikke Willem" Mountain Range to the left and the "Slanke Jakkals" Mountains on the right. We will show you the "Bushman Candle" plant.

We will camp in the vicinity.

Day 02:

The dunes are getting bigger and more technical, that’s part of why you are here. Sand gets soft and you will understand why. Some of you will get stuck but don’t worry about it, that’s why we are there is to help you. You will find your “sand feet” before you know it.

We make way for a place called "Bushmen's Paradise". This is the most amazing place in the whole Namib. We go for a sundowner high up into the mountain to experience the most breathtaking sundowner.

Camping: Bushmen's Paradise.

Day 03:

We turn and set course for the Bulldozer used by mining boss, Moshe Khan. This is yet another day that will produce technical driving making way through the soft red sand of the Namib.

We cross the "Urihaugab" plans and camp right above the old Bulldozer for another breathtaking evening watching the Dozer disappear into the dark of the Namib.

Camping close to the Bulldozer.

Day 04:

We visit Suzy, she was one of the best trucks to drive over the dunes because she had 17-inch wheels with 12 pound air. She was fast because she ran on petrol. The other truck was transport driver Toon Visser’s diesel truck.

I drove Suzy up a dune. When we got to the top she shuddered to a dead halt. We towed her down to the bottom of a dune. That’s why she still has that cable in front. And that’s where she still is to this day.

                                        Suzy - driven by Emil Ottogalli

We turn and push for the coast and find a place to bed down for the evening Camping at Sylvia Hill.

Day 05:

We make way to a viewpoint of St Francis Bay making for a great view of one of the four “Lange Wand” areas. Lange Wand is where the ocean and dunes meet on high tide and makes for very difficult driving.

Luckily, we don’t go down there and just enjoy the view. From here we make our way through some of the highest dunes in the area to a great bay called “Afklim Baai”. This is an area where we decent down to the coast and get onto the beach. We will overnight here.

Camping: Afklim Baai.

Please remember, we have been guiding people through the dunes for many years. As long as you follow our guidance there will be no need to worry, we will keep you save.

Day 06: 

We head for Meob Bay. From here we leave the coast and head inland visiting the old mining ghost towns. 

Diamonds have been mined in Namibia since 1908, when railway worker Zacharias Lewala found a stone that would change the course of history of South West Africa/Namibia, and of alluvial mining.

Innovative equipment was invented to treat the material – Plietz jigs, Schiechel pots, electric shovels, and the longest narrow gauge railway network in the world were introduced, all within the space of six years, to mine in this vast, challenging environment.

We manage our way through very soft "Barchan Dunes" making way to Conception Bay. We visit very interesting shipwrecks with great history.

Camping at the Shawnee.

Day 07:

During exploration of the west coast of Africa, Sandwich Harbor was known as Port d’ Ilheo, meaning ‘point of the island’. It was explored by Diogo Cao on his journey in 1486. The harbor was also noted on a visit by the French Navy in 1733.

The name Sandwich Harbor first appears on a map published in 1791 by the British East India Company. It is believed that the map was drawn with the assistance of a sketch map provided by Samuel Enderby Jnr, who managed a whaling company.

After breakfast, we make our way to Walvis Bay, but it's not over yet as we navigate our way through a very busy patch of dunes. We should be in Walvis Bay by lunch.

End of tour.

Our Price: 2024

  • Adults: N$13,500.00
  • Child Age to 5: No Charge
  • Child Age 6 to 12: N$5500.00

No single supplement on this tour.

Tour Dates: 2024.

  • 06 to 12 March - (5 spots left).
  • 16 to 22 March - (fully booked).
  • 17 to 23 March - (fully booked).
  • 06 to 12 May - (7 spots left).
  • 07 to 13 July - (5 spots left).
  • 04 to 10 October.

Our Price: 2025

  • Adults: N$14,300.00
  • Child Age to 5: No Charge
  • Child Age 6 to 12: N$5500.00

No single supplement on this tour.

This tour cannot be done with trailers.


Meals: Dinner and breakfast.

Experienced guide with own vehicle.

Two-way radios for vehicles, camp shower and toilet during wild camping.

Communal fees, permit and concession fees.


Visa cost.

Border costs.

Travel and Medical insurance.

Beverages and water.

First evening accommodation and meals in Aus.

Last night accommodation in Walvis Bay.

Any accommodation upgrades or changes to the tour plan.

Camping equipment.



It is very important that everyone carries enough fuel. Your vehicle must at least have a 700km range, in soft sand circumstances. Please do your own calculation, as you know your own vehicle best. 

Costs are based on current government taxes and regulations, should this change we will have to adjust the tour cost accordingly.

Please ensure that you have sufficient medical and travel insurance.