Clients need to supply:

Own camping equipment – Tent, beadroll, ground sail, chairs and anything else to make it comfortable for you and your family.

Own cutlery and crockery.

Two Large bags of wood per vehicle. Maybe more depending on tour. We will advise.

Drinking water for yourself.

Minimum of 60L of water that you can use for shower. 

20L for the kitchen for cooking, please make sure this is good and clean water.

Beverages, snacks and lunch.

Strong garbage bags. We recommend the heavy-duty ones you use in your garden. Clients will have to carry their own garbage / waste.

Personal items such as medication, sunblock, flashlight, camera, batteries etc.

Insecticide, such as Doom and Peaceful sleep.

If you have an onboard water tank, its recommended to carry a 20L can, it makes things just easier with getting water from the locals.

Your Vehicle:

Make sure that your 4x4 is mechanically fit.

It’s always good to carry a pump and pressure gauge.

One spare tire. If you are worried and want to carry a second spare tire you are welcome to, or you can just carry the casing without the rim. If needed, we can help you to fit the casing.

Recovery point / hook – front and rear.  

Please check with your insurance company that your vehicle is covered for an off-road trip through Namibia or the country you are intending on visiting. Should you have a breakdown we will assist with onsite recovery, but this will be at an additional cost.

Special notes:

Travel insurance and medical evacuation: Clients need to take out their own travel insurance and emergency evacuation cover in case of emergency. It is compulsory.

Emergency contact number: Sat-Phone: +87 077 617 7019

The sat phone is for emergencies only where family members can get hold of you while on tour. If you need to be in contact 24/7, please pack your own sat phone.

For Angola its not needed as cellular phones work in most of the areas.

When we are out of range of any cellphone reception or normal telephone services during sections of the route, you can be contacted on my sat phone.